Malware reversing is a conventional threat intelligence strategy that is being challenged to keep up with the fast-paced evolution of threats. To stay ahead of bad actors, the next generation security intelligence engine is big data, not malware reversing.  An advanced generation of security intelligence teams has risen with mathematicians, algorithmic geniuses and big data researchers.

The buzz words sound impressive but what does this actually mean in practice?

Join OpenDNS Security Researcher, Dhia Mahjoub, in a candid conversation with Senior Product Manager, Dima Kumets, as they go under the hood of OpenDNS Security Research Labs. They will discuss:

  • What the OpenDNS Researchers actually do and why it's so different from traditional sample analysis  
  • The process of developing and improving learning machines as developed by Dhia and the Labs Team
  • Insights gained from looking at Internet traffic as a whole
  • The difference in Big Data insight vs Malware Reversing
  • The latest threats OpenDNS Security Labs is mitigating 

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Speak Security with Dima & Dhia:
Under the Hood of OpenDNS Security Research Labs